It’s safe to assume my answer to this question is a firm “NO,” but I think I should explain why.

Reddit has a pretty famous subreddit called /r/AskALawyer.  You might be able to find some helpful tidbits there, but if you’ve been hurt at work in Arkansas, that’s not the best place to get legal advice.  Workers’ compensation is not a standard, nation-wide system.  Rather, it is different from state to state, and the laws, rules, and regulations can be incredibly different.  A person who sustains an injury in “State A” might receive a greater amount in money and other benefits than a person who had the same injury in “State B,” just across the border.

Most of the time, a workers’ compensation claim will be controlled by the laws in the state where the work injury occurred.  As with anything in the legal system, this isn’t necessarily black and white.  There are exceptions to this and typically involve jobs that require interstate travel.  For example, Jane Doe lives in Arkansas and is an over-the-road truck driver for a company based in Arkansas.  Jane unfortunately gets in a wreck and is hurt while hauling a load in Texas.  Texas rules could control here, but with the company and Jane both being based in Arkansas, it is likely that Jane’s claim will be an Arkansas workers’ compensation claim.

If you’ve been hurt at work in Arkansas, it is important to get the advice of an Arkansas attorney who handles workers’ compensation claims on a regular basis.  The laws can be quirky, and Mark, Aaron, and I have extensive experience navigating the system.  We are well-suited to answer your questions.  Advice from Reddit or another internet forum might send you down the wrong path and toward the point of no return.  Just don’t do it.

As for attorney fees, Arkansas laws tell us what we can charge you in a workers’ compensation claim.  Martin Law Firm always provides free consultations over the phone or in person if you’ve been hurt at work and aren’t sure if you need an attorney.  Don’t hesitate to reach out – you might need a lawyer and not even realize it.