You have a role to play in the success of your personal injury case, and that role often begins even before you have consulted with an Arkansas attorney. From the very first day after your accident, you need to keep track of records and information essential to preserving the integrity of your case.

After you have been injured in an auto collision or any other type of accident, make sure to document the following:

  • Your doctors — While your attorney can usually obtain medical records for you, you should keep track of the doctors you see, when you saw them, why you saw them and what they told you. This information can help your attorney identify and obtain the records relevant to your case.
  • Witnesses – Keep track of anyone involved in the accident or you may have seen the accident occur.
  • Property damage – Take photographs and keep receipts of any damaged property, such as your automobile, personal devices or clothing that were affected by the accident.
  • Your expenses — Note any time you missed from work. Also, log any medical bills you receive and any expenses you incur going to doctor appointments. You may be entitled to compensation for these amounts.
  • Your daily activities — Log your daily activities following your injury. Take note of your pain levels, anxiety, sleeplessness and other symptoms. List any special events you had to miss and any former activities you can no longer perform.

Try to stay off social media during the course of your lawsuit, and do not talk about the suit with anyone. Even offhand statements or seemingly innocent Facebook posts can damage your case if taken out of context. During the discovery phase of the legal process, the defendant can ask for phone records and social media activity if it is relevant to your case.

Documenting this information may not only help your personal injury attorney expedite your case, but it may also help build a more compelling and complete account of your suffering and losses.